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Hi there! Thanks for reading my blog,I’m DeSere’. I am a new mother and a new vegan. Life is crazy enough without a massive diet change and let me tell you my friends and family all think I’m either crazy or an activist. I struggle with ADD, OCD, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder from growing up in a nightmare of a child hood so I may take long stretches off but I mainly have 3 different posts I’m working on in my spare time between meal prepping and house work and taking care of my one year old. I just wanted to share the foods I’m learning about, recipes I’ve been successful with and I may even write about some of my mishaps. I also scrap book and do planning and other paper crafts. I’m turning 30 and am married to a very patient and loving man who never asked to be married to a vegan! Staying home is wonderful, scary, challenging, and therapeutic. Join me on my journey.

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