My Hope

This blog is for me to express myself creativley and share my love of food. Since I became a mother I am now much more self aware and I see myself like a tiny mirror in my son’s actions and sounds. He also wants to eat whatever I eat and he is a very open to trying new things. Knowing all this I began to see that taking care of myself as far as diet and excersise was very important. When I decided that I was going Vegan I had already been meal prepping for several months in order to prevent my husband and I from needing to eat at fast food resteraunts which are everywhere here in arkansas. You may get lucky and find bananas at a gas station but I found that planning ahead and packing a cooler with food and ice packs made it easy to stay on track with my diet even if people thought I looked strange pulling a cooler with me through a hospital while pushing a baby in a stroller and walking behind my grandmother who walks very slowly from being so weak from her deteriorated health. I have seen diseases kill many of my family members first hand and I knew that I had to take control of what I put into my body.

Along the way I have been sharing pictures and posts on social media for years about the food I make and I find that people get offended by posts that convey geo polical views and the idea of a plant based diet by itself causes alot of ruffled feathers in my limited experience as a newbie vegan. So to keep my banter and food shares in an apropriate forum I decided to start blogging. If anyone gets irritated with what I post on my blog that I pay to write on they can choose not to read it.

I am learning about not only a plant based diet, I’m learning about food preparation (something that isn’t taught in schools and rarely in homes these days), and also what can keep for a while as a prepared meal to take with me on the go and what is a dish best served right away. Not only do I want to share this information with my son and husband but I want to share, learn and grow in an online community that advocates for compassionate food choices and the health of not only our bodies but also the planet.

I hope that I can change people’s minds about what a healthy diet consists of by sharing my food discoveries.

I also hope that my son will not become one of the 29 million people in the U.S. with diabetes when he grows up. I firmly believe a healthy diet can prevent many diseases and as I began this journey I became so excited I wanted to share what I believe with others.